Double fish hooking and ripping a girl's face to cause pain.

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Reign of Terror
Dear Sweetie (btw, wtf kind of handle is that for a man? More like for a prison bitch);

Backtrack on what?
Your response in post five is backtracking from your first four posts. If we were allowed to post pictures I'd undelete the picture you posted of the girl getting fish hooked while in doggy position. She does not look like she is having fun. And just for a frame of reference you posted that picture immediately after imploring the guys here to fish hook woman.

Billy made a judgment call and assumed I’m causing pain and has had a history of elongating or exaggerating topics or certain POV’s, I have been browsing this forum incognito mode for a of couple years now with me being more active now it’s a pattern I have seen with this dude, if he finds it offensive or doesn’t like something he sets it up in a way to cause drama/controversy.
Based on your posts and simple logic it is a reasonable conclusion that stretching a girls mouth with your fingers is going to be at least uncomfortable. And the fact that you felt you needed to make three consecutive posts talking about how much you enjoy doing it and imploring others to do it shows that you enjoy degrading woman. But whatever, that's why I moved your comments to this (BDSM) section.
So don't be disingenuous and try to claim what you do doesn't cause pain.

I elongate topics? Dude buy yourself a dictionary and a thesaurus.
I don't need to start controversy on this board, the members do a good job themselves.
You've been browsing this forum for several years without contributing? Incognito?
Does that mean you've been contributing under a different name?
I can think of another user, heavy in the SA thread who had a four inch dick and needed to choke woman to get a reaction from them during sex because his dick didn't register when he put it inside them.

How are you supposed to write reviews and details when you have a Mod waiting in the wings ready to dissect and pick apart certain things he doesn’t like and escalate it to a problem? “face ripping” that’s something that Billy wrote putting his nefarious twist to it making it seem like I’m doing some forceful shit.
When I scan a review as a moderator I only care if you follow the rules. If you need to hurt or degrade woman then the review or comments belong here in the BDSM section.
I didn't pick apart any review of yours but I did question why you felt you needed to make three or four unsolicited posts in a row in the SA section about fish hooking. They were basically off topic and could have been deleted.

Instead I gave you your own thread and this is the thanks I get? You call me an asshat and say I have nefarious motives?

The rest of your rant seems to be directed at @Itswhatever2 so I'm not going to address that.

Bottom line, if you need to degrade woman to compensate for some lack of manhood then that's on you. But whatever.
No one is dissecting or deleting your posts.
Just put them in the right forum, learn the proper use of the word elongated and don't call the moderator an asshat.

Let's move on.
Not open for further replies.