Does anyone know where I can find a couple mfm

I am very familiar!! Had a lot of fun taking women home from this place! My group of friends that are married, their wives are all friends. Every now and then they have a “girls night out”, my buddies will say “our wives went to the Carriage House last week”... I just cringe lol
While not familiar with the Carriage House, I have been around similar places. There is an interesting phenomenon that sometimes happens when a group of ladies do the girls night out thing - when one lady is successful in snaring a bang and isn't possessive, she will sometimes do a pass around to the friends. In the course of several appearances at such a watering hole you may be lucky enough to go through the entire gaggle of gals, albeit arranged to meet their scheduling of who is next. The only problem that arises is when one of them becomes possessive and wants more. That can get very complicated.
Single Males are allowed into Encounters in West Babylon. There are generally a few couples who dig the single male thing. I do it from time to time with a decent success ratio.