Chapter Two: Silly Wabbit

Bunny Cheryl... Not like anything Elmer Fudd hunted

(Exotic & Thick... just the way I like em.)

For those who remember the good ole days of the 60’s and 70’s Playboy clubs and cotton tailed bunnies that inhabited them, this story will bring back fond memories.

My dad and uncle were two of the first guys on the block to own Playboy keys (the original PB membership card). So one night when I was about 11 or 12, we found ourselves at the Playboy club in Great Gorge N.J. and after dinner there was an adult oriented show about to start, so a too young Ozzy was asked to leave the room and the rest of his family behind, and was escorted out of the night club by this very attractive bunny named “Bunny Cheryl”, whose job it would be to keep young Ozzy company in the main lobby until the show let out and I was reunited with my family. My first so-called “baby sitter” and she was one right out of my prepubescent wet dreams. Bunny Cheryl was a mixture of Asian, Polynesian or Hawaiian and either Hispanic or Black. Whatever she was, she was hot, thick and exotic looking, and she had this long dark curly hair that was almost down to her ass. To this day I am still attracted to that type of look and always in search of it. Perhaps she’s the reason I always find myself all these years later lusting after South American and other exotic looking latina girls who match that appearance.

It was in the lobby of that Playboy club/hotel where an excited Ozzy attempted and threw his first successful rap, and though I didn’t even get to first base with Bunny Cheryl that night. I did get my first piece of tail… that would be a “cotton tail”.

In the hour or so I spent talking with my new friend Bunny Cheryl, she gave me her cotton tail which she plucked right off her ass as a souvenir for me after I asked for something to remember her by. That act, she told me was one of the most severe Bunny rule violations that a Bunny could commit. They were never to part with any part of their costume under any circumstance… Especially their cotton tails. She told me that many men had attempted yet failed to separate her from her prized cotton tail. I’m sure if I had a little more time alone with Bunny Cheryl I’d have scored her ears as well. The problem was I was too pre-occupied starring at her tits and ass to even consider looking at what was on top of her head.

No, technically she wasn’t a sex worker, but she was as close as I’d gotten to one at that age. She was also the first girl I ever knew I wanted to have sex with.