Best clubs in Florida

Tootsie's - April 2008

Recently back from my annual trip to N. Miami. I visited Tootsie's twice, on a Wednesday and a Saturday.

Wednesday: Not too crowded, and the huge space looked fairly empty. The DJ claimed 77 girls were working, which I don't doubt, but with so much room for them to get lost in, upstairs and down, the overall appearance was of fewer girls. There is no attempt at all to hide the fact that everything is available in the private rooms, which go for $200 for the half, I think, before tip. As a result, the talent level has dropped considerably, with a lot of tattooed, out of shape bodies. But there were still some very hot ones in the mix, most of whom are also willing to go the distance. Very few Eastern European dancers, which is a nice change from the NY scene, but alas, only one Asian girl, and she was not very appealing. Had a couple of LDs from a beautiful French Polynesian girl, who to my naive surprise was available for a private session as well, but . . .probably only because she really LIKED me, right? I did not partake, but it's nice to know I could've.

Saturday: I didn't think it was possible, but the place was PACKED, with both customers and dancers. There were about 100 girls working, and it was a bit like the old days in the smaller space, with a scantily clad hot body at every turn. Many new faces from Wens., and a definite up-tick in quality. I would say about 95% of the girls were very forward about what went on "upstairs." However, I was content to watch the shameless displays on stage, all nude, wide open, and a light touch isn't out of the question if one is not too aggressive. I ultimately had to force myself to leave after too many hours had vanished without my knowledge. Looking forward to a return visit in July.
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In Miami, I've heard that El Centro near the International Airport is a good place to hang out.

I know this is a reply to an old post but I believe I passed this place while going to drop off my rental car on the way to the Airport Sept. '07 and it was closed. I was disapointed because it looked pretty seedy--just my kind of place lol
orlando clubs suck moose balls. They passed a 6 foot rule and pasties law about 6-7 years ago. I lived there before the "nipple law" was passed and it was decent. now, forget it. Rachels is the only decent club left but it's expensive and not worth it.

If you have some time, head out to Mons Venus in Tampa. It'll take you an hour to drive out and it's worth it. Total nude club with hot girls and "interesting" LDs.
Mermaid in West Palm Beach because it is a sure thing. Also like the fact that some of the
women are so close to my age that we like the same music. IE Cindy is 59 and still hot.
Add Kitten Club to the above post. Also Flash Dancers in the early afternoon. Expensive later in the day. Sugar Babies is good if you like Chocolate. All in WPB.
Tootsie's - April 2011

I recently made my annual pilgrimage to Tootsie's Cabaret in N. Miami. As I've no doubt mentioned in previous posts, it has essentially become a brothel disguised as a giant strip club, where nearly all the girls are providing on premises in rooms reasonably priced at $100 for the half hour, with their fee usually being 200 more. I went on a Thursday night, and there were approximately 70 girls working of every shape, size and ethnicity. Strange, though, that even with so many to choose from, there were precious few that really moved me.

No sooner had I arrived when a very pretty Colombian girl (Eva, maybe?) latched onto me, and it was clear from the start that she was genuinely attracted. She was short and voluptuous, which is not usually the type I go for, but she seemed so into me that I thought she'd be good for some lap dances in the back.

As soon as we were settled into our semi-private cubicle, she put her tongue in my mouth for some serious DFK. Her body was extremely tight and smooth, big fake boobs and a beautiful big booty, solid as a rock. She stick-shifted me thru my pants, then went down and bit and nibbled the shaft and head thru the fabric. My fingers were in her g-string, rubbing her clit, and at one point she sucked two of my fingers to get them wet then guided them into her very juicy slit. It was the most GFE of lap dances I'd ever had. Perhaps a sales pitch to get me to spring for a private room, but she seemed seriously into me, whispering in Spanish all the things she'd like to do con mi pene.

But of course, ever the frugal connoisseur, I declined, deeming the penis- and ego-stroking sufficient. Dances are 25 per, times four, so 100 bucks for 15 minutes of very enjoyable making out and dry humping.

The place has a ridiculously low rating now on strip*club*, which I assume was lowered by competitors. I've been to other clubs in the area but none of them tops Tootsie's.
Tootsies's - Oct 2023
I went to Tootsie's while in Miami for business and was absolutely stunned at the size of the place. I went on a Wednesday night and it wasn't crowded. I was surprised that they were able to serve alcohol and have a fully nude stage! As others have said, the quality of the talent varies. I was approached by a couple of latinas on the larger side and did a couple of lap dances with them and was suprised at the amount of touching and roaming that is allowed. After leaving the LD room, I ran into a stunning Brazilian from NJ! Had a drink with her and then went back to the LD room and spent 30 mins with her. She was grabbing me and I was fingering her. It was crazy! Each dance is $26. I spent about $150 on dances and then gave her a $50 tip. I should be going back to Miami on a regular basis and plan on going to Tootsie's every time I'm there.