Amore Spa 561-649-3435

This place is in Palm Springs, in a small shopping center. I was looking for a massage/HE with table shower. I called for rates and was told 60/80 for hh/fh.

I was greeted by Kim, and opted for the hh session, starting with the table shower. The TS was decent and I enjoyed it, since I hadn’t had one in quite awhile. Back to the room, I laid down and asked for ST. It was pretty nice and after the flip, I hinted at some mouth action. Somehow, she managed to do a pretty damned convincing fake bbbj. I knew it was fake because she got into a position where I couldn’t see what she was doing. I’ve had this happen with amp girls before. When I insisted I get a view of the action, she said “no, we can’t do that here”. Oh well. The rest went as expected, continuing to HE.

After a quick and thorough cleanup, she returned to her massage activities, giving me every bit of my 30 minutes. I tipped 60. Was going to tip less, but she put so much effort into the whole session that I felt it was deserved. I would probably repeat if I’m ever in the area again.