631-428-7140 Port Jefferson

Port Jeff Girl

Well I have texted back and forth with her and could swear I read a review about her at some point. That's a new Number she's using cause I don't recognize it. She used to just provide by herself out of her house then moved to Hotel in Medford and I could swear the review I read talked about a car BJ. She used to post photos in her kitchen with a dog in the background. And She's ALWAYS NEAR RETIREMENT according to the ad that's been running off and on for a year now. Only difference Is that she has a boyfriend now who I believe wants in on the action.

Her schedule and mine never clicked or I would have reviewed her a long time ago....You know how I love the MILFS.
Thanks lovelight. I find she's only available after 5-6 pm. That doesn't work for me. I was interested because I'm close to PJ.
If the BF want in, I'm ok with that, but then it free. lol
I sent a series of texts trying to set an appointment. She said she hosts in a house after 5pm. That does not work for me. Hope she enjoys her retirement.
Wonder if she is going to go on social security after she closes up her holes and shuts her mouth?
Hope she enjoys her retirement that's fucking funny.

I tried numerous times ,she responded via text but her schedule was always the problem for me,she always had strange windows of time she was available
well I was wrong. Two holes are open for sure. We got together this week. I didn't have a lot of time so it was a quickie. BBJ and cg. She has a decent body for 50ish gal. I will repeat when our schedule click.
first she said 90. then she dropped it to 75 for a quickie. She was good, nice bbj, tight pussy. I was only there 10-15 minutes. She kept stalling so I really ran out of time. Almost had to pull to plug on the meeting, but I was in need.
she has a BF that she says kind of knows, but she only sees clients when he's not around.
Think she is now in Shirley. I have been texting with her for a day or two and was planning on visiting yesterday but the snowstorm cancelled that. Will post a review if and when we connect.