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    Cmi spanish 347-955-1319

    She is at the famous cmi Texted, got a quick response which I like Got there, texted again for room # Knocked, opened, hiding behind,went in, decent looking. Could be girl in the pics... 27 Cuban,Spanish speaking 5'6 slightly thick , firm build, tight except for belly stretched and loose. Nice...
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    Blondie white girl 310-493-8782 holtsville

    Ad says Scandinavian girl... Pics are definitely her Texted her the other day, got no response but then I called and she picked up Sounded nice, asked for 120 hhr. I was nearby and there in 10 minutes, hotel off lie Called again from pl and she gave me room # She is visiting from Vegas White...
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    516-419-9190 cute dominican

    Had the itch so I call this number, figured it would be some random Latina, tomorrow the same number will probably be a different girl... She was at Radisson happauge and was ready so was I,drive right over Texted floor, then room. Quoted me sex 100 vis text... Opened from behind the door of...
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    Melissa 347-974-2034. Kinky

    Yea,so I tried her out bc her ad lists all kinds of stuff, prostate, strap,xdress. Rimming Figured it would be something to try ... Easy to set up at motel coallpage of sinrize. Text me room shen i got there, also spoke on phone briefly,I like to hear the voice, although she didnt sound too...
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    Natalie 347-445-5368 massage massoquat toftt

    Natalie, she posts massge, fetish friendly. Also always a second girl posts at same time so I figure there are two of them there. Pics are tgtbt but I figure they must be close or too many guys would run away.... I text, get. Response. Then I call too to hear how she sounds. Very nice,sexy...
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    Avoid islip cardate , very fake pics 929-247-8238

    I was definitely wanting a 60 dollar bj. He ads pics are vague and blurry. Ut show a girl medium build. Went to meet her in ci and saw a monster waiting... 5.3 tall on a good day, 200+ and looking like a construction worker . . I had a keep.going going going gone... Just trying to save you some...
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    Can u Explain all the ads in hauppauge gfe,anal hauppauge 347 area codes...

    There are multiple ads everyday for different girls offering gfe,bbj,anal if hauupauge. Most have 347 area code All have gorgeous photos They all advertise 100ss,150hh I texted but never went.... Who knows what is up and who is behind the door? I
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    631-528-5363 tofft patchogue fin blonde

    Well, I was hoping for a better time after seeing her ad. The pics are dam sexy and setup was easy with text, directed me to a house in patchogue on afternoon a couple of weeks ago.... It's a room on the side of a house,thru a gate...I know some will say no just bc of that... She opened door and...
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    470-989-2788 domican 22 cardate medford

    I needed to get off midday so I texted her, quick response 100ss,150hhrin car.... Met her at her apt complex and she got in. We just stayed there, ups guy 40 feet away, some dude cleaning his car 5 spots away... She is 22, those are her pictures, but she is a bit heavier now... young...
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    Mastrubation tips

    I don't do this too often but it is really good to try... Put some ky in a ziplock bag, then put another bag on your cock. And stick the jelly bag over it. Then slide an empty toilet paper tube over it all... Now goto the corner of the bed and stick your cock and tube between the mattress and...
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    Ts leyla showworld

    I saw her a couple of weeks ago..... she is...VERY HOT! I strolled around and wasn't too impressed with the girls in the back. Leyla in front was dressed super sexy, Asian 5.6 tall, thin. I paid 35 for the room, I aide I gave her 125. I was feeling horny and wanted to get fucked by her, haven't...
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    Ts rebeca 516-605-9101 Fake Pics , avoid

    She has some hot pics, advertises in Westbury. She sounded fine on the phone and i we t to her hotel room near the source mall, more like carle place. Anyway she is not close to those pics. Total guy in a dress. Absolute bait and switch. I left, save your time and avoid
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    Ashley in Sayville 631-456-7274

    Texted her first, got a response, sent me adress np. I liked her ad saying 'toys' so she responded she has and I went. Called her too, quoted me 120 for 30. Crappy place but it makes it easy to get to room and to leave easily too... Texted her, got room #. Pulled in. She actually opened the...
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    Asian incall happauge 718-864-6406

    Hi guys, I saw this ad a bunch on list,for a few weeks and finally tried it.... It says Asian 22yo,first day.. but it says this every day,lol. Texted, then called, Asian woman said a few brief words, then texted me address. Good hotel, my favorite bc you can enter side or back,don't have to...
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    631-971-8578 car date hauppauge

    No name but she runs the same ad often. Advertises 80bbbj. Quoted me 60 for covered above I asked. I called, she sounded legit and texted me a street address to pickup in Brentwood, a few streets from commack park nride. Got there and she texted a house#, then I saw her walking down the...
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    516-707-7806 absolute fake, avoid

    Posting as hot 30yo ronkonkama. Pics looked hot $120 special Called her, she Is in commack so I went When i got there she started on the phone about her awful friend sharing room and kicking her out of the room, fucking for drug money, blahs, blah Pretty incoherent. I said we can do a car date...
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    Poppers have u tried this?

    I don't see it mentioned by anyone.... I tried it last week for the first time... I do not do any drugs but said what the hell when. She offered it... We were getting hot and revved up and she did it then gave to me, 2 whiffs each nostril and whoa! I got a huge head rush and super euphoric, the...
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    TS Melissa 917-397-7273

    She is sexy and passable. Met her a few times so this will be a general review.... She looks great, always done up with her hair,nails makeup...she takes care of herself. She is now in Plainview at a nice hotel. Has some weird leopard print tattoos on her leg, but it is a way to verify her...
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    347-966-6849 toftt hottie in lindenhurst

    found her posting online and one of the pics was so freaking hot,i went for it, even though the pics are never really them,lol! texted,nothing then i called and connected. she sounded nice so she texted me the address. total dump i hate in lindy 9 but i see she moves around a bit on the south...
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    Any others like ts?

    This area is dead.... any other hobbyists like to try this sometimes? If so, I'll post.... ts and bdsm is fun sometimes and breaks the monotony. I find that ts girls and cleaner and smel fresher and dress sexier than most of the dirty skank females out there.... any they give GREAT head!