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    India in Mesa 520-217-0401

    http://phoenix.************/WomenSeekMen/520-217-0401/45098005 Her pictures are good and bad - she looks much better. A tiny hard body that offers great covered service at good rate 220 and 150 Is easy to talk to and if you like them petite and toned would go see Good cbj and can throw her...
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    AVOID Adrianna 702-960-4491

    http://lasvegas.************/WomenSeekMen/100-real-pic-milf-100-real-pic-milf/36684367 This woman is the pinnacle of the Vegas hustle - comes in gets her 200 then goes for upsell - wanted $2k for greek - gave her 140 and she put a condom on and licked for maybe 3 minutes then stopped and wanted...
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    Petra 516 406-6978 Astoria

    Another of the Hungarian beauties - her pictures are real - 200 for hour extra 30 for BBBJ - this girl has a banging body - loves to be eaten and really gets in to the sex - her head game is talented too...
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    Joy 718 600-6501

    http://queens.************/WomenSeekMen/new-super-sexy-joy-first-time-here-100-real-pics/96965201 The pics are real and she is awesome - part of the Hungarian crew that has 3 locations in Astoria. Costs an extra 50 for bank and day but she is fresh and tasty and the breasts are spectacular and...
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    Elana 347-779-3298

    Could not find the BP listing afterwards but that is just as well - all suggestive and encouraging to get you there - though thought was a Latina as pic was below Get there near 51st and 9th to find a dirty blonde Russian who collected the $$ and gave lackluster rub for 10 minutes then hj to...
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    Alissa - 347-559-9483

    Located at a hotel on 46th near 6th - this little spinner is worth a vist. $$$ donation - easy access and friendly - we started with a skilled bbbj and quickly moved to 69 - and she enjoys the reciprocity... 2 fingers and a mouthful of her clit had her wimpering.. we started with reverse cow...
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    Foot fetish

    Anyone been to the foot fetisb parties at decadence nyc
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    Decadence NYC

    Anyone know about this place - somehow ended on email list and they seem to be very busy - is it a cover - high for single guys - and then everything is open or is there additional cost for action?
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    Vicki in Sunset Park

    http://brooklyn.************/FemaleEscorts/and9733-and9734-and9733-and9734-busty-and9734-and9733-beautiful-blonde-babeand9734-and9733-hot-and-sweet-19/32492109 would love to know if she is real there seems to be some solid providers in BK but few reviews - have seen a couple and...
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    Shopping for hookers

    there is this fun site that shows arrests that can be filtered for prostitution only for Florida but can search for visiting girls who are running from arrests
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    Sociologist Report on NYC Prostitution

    This guy really missed the boat Think he used the study to pay for hooker addiction the numbers are way off
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    Review Kelly Wynters

    Ok have seen her before ---- but this latest arrival comes with a hard body - very GFE and loves anal... what more can be said. I made appointment - very easy and friendly.... help get you organized and confirmed. At her hotel, she is wearing some scant lingerie and I was not complaining...
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    Low Priced Agency

    Have not posted in quite some time as am on the road alot and overseas so guide is not where I look.. but have been using a service - well actually the phone girl who has worked at a few places and brings my number with her... they are decent at $175/hr to Brooklyn and quality goes up and...
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    Good priced delivery service

    I have been using a service that has had some interesting girls at the $175/hr price point.... they have a handful of regulars and then the usual turn overs but they have more than their share of diamonds in the rough...
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    Kelly Wynters Review

    Okay so she was out of the loop for a while... but made an impression at the UG party and had to follow up on the fun .... we hooked on Sunday night... a few hours ago.... so how detailled is my report supposed to be???? All the alphabet.... but beyond that there is the fun and comfort of...
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    Dress Up Girls Site Not Working

    This must be costing them... it is the second time I have gone to the site and it does not allow you to click beyond the homepage... nothing to click to move to another page!!?????
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    Brooklyn Russians?

    I have been seeing a bunch of hot looking girls posting in the Brooklyn section. Very wierd posting with mistyping on top and bottom... may be taking one for the team on a threesome offer
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    What triple would you do???

    Okay am organising three CL incall stops tonight... or anywhere else anyone thinks should be first through third... Here are my current picks... ----- low in looks but the alphabet is...
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    Contacted by Edyta

    Edyta formerly of Julies seems to be out there trying to drum up some business. She's been cold calling and sending out ******s and hinting at "exclusive" sugar daddy deals. She doesn't realize that we're all in contact since I know a few guys have gotten the offers and one of my mates is...
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    Celeste in Brooklyn is a Waste

    Okay have been under the radar a lot and did a trip to DR (and am saving for the next few) but gave in tonight and thankfully the experience was enough to make me go back to just doing DR runs and picking up women when I have the time to go out and hunt (even a 44 year old can get 25 year old...