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    Open season for college girls on SA

    Xxxbabystephxxx offered me Skype then ghosted anyway. Insaidnyes just to see what the heck she was trying to get, but she is gone anyway. She probably has so many paying sukas!
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    Cmi spanish 347-955-1319

    She is at the famous cmi Texted, got a quick response which I like Got there, texted again for room # Knocked, opened, hiding behind,went in, decent looking. Could be girl in the pics... 27 Cuban,Spanish speaking 5'6 slightly thick , firm build, tight except for belly stretched and loose. Nice...
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    Blondie white girl 310-493-8782 holtsville

    Ad says Scandinavian girl... Pics are definitely her Texted her the other day, got no response but then I called and she picked up Sounded nice, asked for 120 hhr. I was nearby and there in 10 minutes, hotel off lie Called again from pl and she gave me room # She is visiting from Vegas White...
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    516-419-9190 cute dominican

    She said she was 25 and is problsbly telling the truth. Skin color was like a nice tanned white girl
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    516-419-9190 cute dominican

    Had the itch so I call this number, figured it would be some random Latina, tomorrow the same number will probably be a different girl... She was at Radisson happauge and was ready so was I,drive right over Texted floor, then room. Quoted me sex 100 vis text... Opened from behind the door of...
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    Open season for college girls on SA

    I've probably guessed won't....let's say 5'5. 150 or so I have no idea. Not at all obese, big tits and some midsection weight, good face and legs were ok, she look good in her sundress and high heels. Basically your average girl waking the mall, but her pics look much thinner... And if I want to...
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    Natalie 347-445-5368 massage massoquat toftt

    Saw her posting the other day, I almost went again but didn't, but she allowed utc, I didn't reach for fiv but I don't think so for that.
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    Any others like ts?

    Sorry it was bad, I've seen Melissa a few times . She is very hot with a great body, curved and tight and great tits and ass. 1, I never asked for a massage from her or any incall. Ts are there for sex and usuually want to get to it. 2. Imho an hour is never an hour, they are laways...
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    Open season for college girls on SA

    Ashley in smithtown aka li Bab y is the same girl in reviewed in this thread, gave me a 159 cardste, fucked well and willing, and she has msg me a few times since but her pics are photoshopped or something, she is much heavier than those. Dispointojg when I met her for sure. She may be...
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    How do you guys stop?

    Sex is a natural desire. Those who don't need it and want it all the time,like is, are the mentally ill ones. We r normal and working as programmed. Drug addicts are killing themselves with poison, completely different. Irony is our desire for sex is often fullfied using drug addicts who need...
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    Beware Sonia 346-567-5476

    Great investigative work. I feel safer. Adios
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    Oh Mandy! You came and you took without giving.

    Andrea in copiague 4sure
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    Centereach Amp 929-204-6158

    What? Not attractive? Vivian is hot! Skinny and sexy as fuck. I seen them all I think, they turn me on 4sure
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    Open season for college girls on SA

    I guess it varies on how desperate they are for cash any given week.... she's pretty far from a size 0!!
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    Open season for college girls on SA

    So many, easy pickings lately.... Try blue-eyed-blondee (no dashes)rocky point, 19yo,a bit curvy, but friendly and willing, dfkbj,cfs 150. Met some other 19yo blk girl who posted as a new ad with her cell listed and very blunt so I new ahe would be taken down so I called her asap. Huntington...
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    Open season for college girls on SA

    Met with baby-dana (no dashes) recently. She is new to sa and fairly new to doing this. BUt she is trying to get $ and working alone. So I wuld call her semipro? Anyway msg her on sa, got cell, texted, next morning she texts me hello ... I say let's meet, she says 200 I say 150 she say ok...
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    Open season for college girls on SA

    Here's a bargain.... I finally got one-luuv-x. (No dashes) to text me on the site. She is a very pretty looking slim Asian 25yo in Babylon... Texted her months back, got hardly and responses, but she looks hot so I msg every now now then... This time she asks how often. I want to see her...
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    Meadow 631-820-6786

    A couple of then r her but they no recent
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    Meadow 631-820-6786

    I met her last week saw her ad texted got friendly response. Went to house in deer park, she came out and walked me to her side door apartment, first floor. Cigarette smell severe, a real mess inside. She is 5.3 and 115, thin about 28 but not made up or taking good care. She is very...
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    Lovely Care Foot Spa 631-588-5088

    I- will avoid this place, thank u zak